1918 Case Steam Tractor


FOR SALE: 1918 Case Steam Tractor, great for restoration or display. This unit has damage to the crown sheet that will need to be repaired if you are looking to make it run. These old steam engines are getting hard to find in this condition and in most cases are not available for purchase. Expect to pay around twice as much for one in restored condition.

Motivated owner, this item is open for negotiation

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    Where can I see it

  2. Casey Looper

    Interested in buying please email me


    Is this Case steam engine still for sale?

  4. Roy brewin

    I’m interested in steamer

  5. Harry Bobb

    I want to buy it

  6. Bob Moore

    Is this tractor still for sale? Where is it?

    • 1Cold1

      It is still available and is located in Texas between San Marcos and Seguin. Please know that the crown sheet has been damaged and will need to be replaced.

  7. Rob Green

    Is this steam tractor still available? I am interested if so.

    • 1Cold1

      Yes, please let us know if you need more information.

  8. Harry

    I’d like to buy it to restore it

  9. Harry

    I’d like to buy it to restore it. How can I call you to talk over the phone and make a legitimate purchase for it

    • 1Cold1

      Please call 888-708-2877

  10. Ryan Walker

    Is this still for sale.

    • 1Cold1


  11. Ryan Walker

    Is this still for sale, is the price firm.

    • 1Cold1

      It is still available. The price has very little room on it. Please call 888-708-2877 for more information. Thank you

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